What Is Hair Density In Wigs? How Do I Choose The Best Density Of Wigs?

Looking for a new hair wig but not sure what density is right for you? Keep reading. today I will talk about the density of the wig.

There is a lot of customers just confused about the density because some of them don’t know the difference between the wig’s density, today i will talk about the density of the wig.

What you will learn from this article:

1.What is hair density?

2.Why does hair density matter?

3.How to choose the best density of wigs?

1.What is hair density?
We’re focusing specifically on helping you better understand what density means and how to choose the best wig using our handy wig density chart. Let’s start by looking at the basics of wig density.

So, what is hair density?

Wig density is defined as how thick or thin the hair is on your lace wig, it means the amount of hair on each wig cap. There are different levels of hair density represented by different percentages. Check out the lace wig density chart, you can have a basic understanding. hair density chart

50% - Extra Light Density: only suitable for people who have very thin hair

80% - Light Density: very little hair on the cap, you even won't feel it

100% - Light Density: little hair on the cap, suitable for people who have naturally thin hair

120% - Medium Density: the average standard density, neither too thick nor too thin, presents the most realistic look, suitable for silky straight fullness hairstyle

130% - Medium Density: close to a standard density of hair, suitable for the fullness hairstyle.

150% - Heavy Density: seriously, it's between medium to heavy, close to natural-looking, high fullness than 130%, suitable for people who like very thick and fluffy hair

180% - Heavy Density: heavy to wear, suitable for people who use it in shows or want a full and voluminous look. A long wig is recommended.

200% - Extra Density: quite heavy, may distort the natural look of your full lace wig. so long length wigs are recommended for the density.


2.Why does hair density matter?
Does hair density matter? The short answer is: Yes.

Physical appearance is generally the first thing people notice when they meet you, whether it is at an interview, on a broadcast, at a restaurant, etc. More often, people judge one’s personality based on their looks. People experiencing hair thinning or balding are somehow depressed or ashamed of the problem. That’s why hair density matters a lot. Since hair density enhances one’s look, it is important and should be well taken care of.

Why does hair density matter?

Hair density is one factor that determines how to best style your hair. It is essential to know the density well, as it not only determines the styles you could try but also decide which products would fit you the most.

Only when the density of the hairpiece matches the density of your real hair could your overall hairdo look natural. If they do not match, then it would be easy for others to detect.

3.How to choose the best density of wigs?
When it comes to the best density, there really isn’t one that’s better than another. It comes down to the look you’re trying to achieve. If you want more fullness, you’ll likely choose a higher density, like 150% or more.

If you want to choose the best density, Here are a few things to consider when you’re deciding what wig density is most suited to you:


Depending on which style you’re after, you may want more or less density. Typically, a long, straight style requires a higher density to appear full, whereas a curly unit can be less dense and still look full.

2.Your natural hair density

This is usually essential when you want to blend the hair with your own natural hair. You should pick the density that looks so much like your hair. Also, if you like to look so natural you will need to have hair with the same density as your natural hair.

3.The texture of wigs you like

For different human hair wig textures, the thickness will vary.

Curly human wigs look fuller than straight hair wigs. Short human hair wigs and human short hair wigs look fuller than long human wigs. Natural black human wigs look better than 613 gold human wigs and other colored human hair. Fuller wig.

4.Personal preferences

Another factor deciding which density to choose is a personal preference. Maybe some women prefer thicker Remy wigs, while others prefer thinner, affordable wigs. Everyone will choose 100% human wigs according to her preferences.

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Medium-density hair wig you should have!unice hair

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